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About AeroFarallones...


Welcome to AeroFarallones! A virtual airline where we want our pilots to take flight simulation to another level.


Since our establishment in 2017, the AeroFarallones community has been provided with the best and most advanced flight simulation tools.


We are officially registered in IVAO, a virtual network that provides the best flight and simulation experience.

Leader Board (Pilot) | 2023
Leader Board (Pilot) | 2023
Name Record
Jorge Alberto C 88h 1m
Martin S 60h 36m
Santiago C 51h 15m
Marlon G 50h 43m
Franklin P 49h 16m
Leader Board (Pilot) | 2023
Name Average
Carlos J -88 ft/min
Alexander G -93 ft/min
Aldo Antonio A -94 ft/min
Gustavo P -104 ft/min
Juan David M -121 ft/min
Recent Reports
FLS9975 SKRG SKAR N423FE (AT46) 5 hours ago
FLS101 SKUL SKCL HK1623 (C172) 20 hours ago
FLS4120 SKCC SKYP N421FE (AT46) 20 hours ago
FLS7779 SKBG SKRG N423FE (AT46) 20 hours ago
FLS4121 SKYP SKCC N421FE (AT46) 22 hours ago